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My name is Benjamin Thomas Cullen.

I am an Archæologist. I have worked for Wessex Archæology based in Salisbury for several years.
I have also done a number of short-term contracts for Archæological Solutions in Cambridgeshire and Network Archæology.
I am qualified at the Practitioner level of the Institute for Archæologists. I also hold the Cross Country Pipelines Health and Safety Passport from the EUSR.
My first Time Team appearance was on 23rd May 2010. I worked on the Cunetio dig near Marlborough that was the subject of Episode 7 of Series 17. Unfortunately I did not really feature in the main program but I could be seen in the outtakes sequence. Sadly Series 17 is not available online.
I can also be seen briefly in:
Series 19 Episode 1: Dig by Wire
Series 20 Episode 7: Horseshoe Hall

I enjoy playing rugby for Salisbury Rugby Club and am currently managing the 3rd Team.

I am a graduate of Durham University where I studied Archæology while living in Trevelyan College. propimgs/trevelyan.png
At Durham I participated in:
• Cross Country Club
• Rugby

Before University I studied at Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School in Salisbury. propimgs/bws_small.jpg