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Overcome by an impulse to have an adventure holiday, we came across the idea of a canoe trip in Sweden. The premise is simple. You get a canoe with a tent, cooking equipment and optional sleeping bags. And off you go. Actually, it is brilliant fun. The scenery is gorgeous, the pace of life is relaxing and you really do have everything you need to survive for a week beyond the reach of civilization. A few less mosquitoes and a little less liquid sunshine would have improved things, but we really did have a great time.
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Day 0 - Getting There    Day 1 - Loading Up & Setting Off    Day 2 - Plain Canoeing    Day 3 - Upstream & Rain
Day 4 - Rain & Sunshine    Day 5 - More Rain    Day 6 - Fair & Sunshine    Day 7 - The End Draws Near
Hints & Tips
propimgs/NatureTravels_logo.jpg To find out more about this holiday, please visit either of these web-sites.
We booked with Nature Travels here in the UK who then provided details of the Vildmark web-site.