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I have made several mosaics over the last few years and I have an ambition to make a much larger one some time soon. If you would like to see a larger version of the photos, then simply click on any of the images.
For my first attempt at a mosaic. I used a kit from the Mosaic Workshop. The kit contained all the equipment and materials needed to complete the mosaic. To find out more about the process, please see the various stages. images/mos001g_fish_wip_r.jpg
In progress
The next mosaic was done based on a photo that we took of a woodpecker in our garden. The image has been reversed by the process. images/mos002g_woodpecker_orig_r.jpg
The original photo
The final product
A theme now starts to develop. Another photo taken in our garden when a very young fawn got trapped by accident. This time I avoided the image reversal. images/mos003g_fawn_orig_r.jpg
The action shot
And the reproduction
The next attempt was a design that I created from a variety of sources. Unfortunately, I tried to be too clever and some of the colours do not provide sufficient contrast to show the detail well.   images/mos004g_frognewt_r.jpg
The pond scene
For the next piece I changed to using unglazed ceramics. I was hoping for something with more of a roman effect, but the colours are still quite bright.   images/mos005c_owl_r.jpg
The wise owl
Back to vitreous glass materials for my next effort. I am particularly pleased with the background where the blue water really does seem to be flowing past.   images/mos006g_heron_r.jpg
Another effort using unglazed ceramics. I am particularly happy with this piece, especially the shape of the bird. I have not decided yet whether he is soaring or swooping. images/mos007c_buzzard_soars_r.jpg
Buzzard soars
Buzzard swoops
This mosaic was based on a photo I took of a Black-footed Penguin taken at The Ocearium at Croisic in France.
It was made during a workshop on "Further Techniques in Mosaic" run by Emma Biggs.
A new direction. I bought a round board and wanted to do something that was compatible with the shape. images/mos009g_dolphins_wip_r.jpg
Back to the traditional tile shape and size. images/mos010g_donkey_pre-grout_r.jpg
I also supervised the work of my sister and my son one day in a collaborative effort.
I produced the outlines for both these designs, and then supervised the production work. images/mos901g_ladybird_r.jpg
Ladybird - by Jonathan
Butterfly - by Marina
I am collecting a series of Links to useful or interesting Mosaic sites.